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Registration of disinfectants and cosmetics


Disinfectants include chemical compounds that are designed to kill pathogens of infectious human diseases, as well as animals. Such funds can be used internally and externally, in the latter case we speak of antimicrobials local external use. They are applied in the medical field, the food industry, domestic conditions for professional cleaning in machine-building and transport sectors and in veterinary medicine. Available today can be seen in the bleach powder and gel form, but also in the gaseous state.

People’s health and well-being depend on the good quality of this group. That is why it is important that it meets all applicable to it regulatory requirements. The test of such conformity is the certification of disinfectants, which is carried out in our country.

The Law “On protection of the population against infectious diseases” came into force in 2000 in Ukraine. Disinfectants registration was defined by two mandatory conditions under this law: the state registration and hygienic regulation. But, despite the fact that these rules were established in the law, they came into force only three years later, after the decree “On approval of the State Registration of disinfectants”. According to this decree, all disinfectants, which are imported or manufactured in the territory of Ukraine, should pass the examination at the Scientific-Expert Center.

We possess the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to carry out all the necessary work and take over the management and organization of the process, we help you carry out the procedure in the shortest possible time. The necessary documents to register disinfectants are:

  • Minutes and reports of disinfectants;
  • Application in a standard format;
  • Project future disinfectants instructions;
  • Project of the future product label;
  • Project guidelines for the product;
  • Registration documents of the applicant;
  • Sample disinfectants.

In addition to these documents, you must submit an application to the Ministry of Health, which must contain:

  • The name of the disinfectant on the original, Ukrainian, Russian and English language;
  • The data of the applicant (phone, address, e-mail). For foreign applicants - registration number;
  • Manufacturer data (telephone, address, e-mail), for foreign manufacturers - the registration number;
  • The composition of disinfectants, packaging and release form;
  • Mode of use;
  • For domestic disinfectants – SCPS code (State classifier of products and services), for foreign – UCCFEA code;
  • A document that confirms the acceptance of the manufacturer to ensure that its interests are represented by the applicant (Power of Attorney)

Cosmetics (makeup syn.) – means for personal hygiene, prevention of skin diseases and cosmetic defects, as well as to improve a person's appearance. The most common forms of cosmetic products  - creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils, soaps and shampoos, hair dyes, foams, etc. Cosmetics imply only external or topical application: skin, hair, nails and other parts body. For the import and sale of cosmetics it is necessary to obtain sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (conclusion of HIS), confirming the quality and safety of products.

PE"Consulting service plus" offers a service for the registration of disinfection and cosmetics, call us and you will get advice on all your questions.

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